Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's been a great winter!!

Well, we're still sitting with several feet of snow but it is warming up..... lots of kids and lambs have greeted us this year with more still to come;) most are in my kitchen, as being born in major snowstorms here on the east coast is NOT the way to go.Try to tell them that, so when i spin or knit i have lots of little helpers!!!!!arrrrrg:0 I have managed to get out quite a bit as i sat waiting for some one to arrive, lots of sleepless nights and endless days. Gotta love farming eh? Our first litter of Razor back boars have hit the ground,the pics are up top) and litter#2 will soon arrive.... I personally do, but its not for everyone. I presently am combing out the Cashmere Goats and going thru the breeding stock for this year, there is some really nice cashmere coming in,(I've started spinning already;))) and am just delighted as it is one of my favs. Next its shearing the sheep(Icelandics and Shetlands) then the Longwools in June, and right from there to the Alpacas. Yes we're very busy all year long, as crias(baby alpacas) generally start arriving too this time of year. Well gotta go feed the brood, as they are carrying me away, i'll post more handspun yarns and knitted scarves very shortly, and give an update on kids and lambs. Keep smiling spring is coming!

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Annette said...

what do you plan to do with the razorback boars? You can't spin their "wool"! :)