Friday, October 31, 2008

Winter 2008 is fast approaching... see our new dog fashion scarves;)

Well don't ask me where this year flew too, i couldn't tell ya. It's been very busy and i could say in my own way a very productive year LOL Breeding pens are almost set up(even though i know we will have a few sneak little ones way..... before planned birthing come spring time, they've been busy must have been while we we're sleeping') we have several that end up where they are not supposed to be. Call it luck, its purely intended and not on our part;) Lots of new happenings here as well as a few new products, dog fashion scarves(may match a scarf knit just for you if you want, we do that too and have some cool dual combos that will be listed shortly. ) These dog scarves come in small $10.00, medium $13.00, large $18.00 and X-large $22.00. Combos are $50.00 for most sets. Custom dyed,hand spun and hand knit with all kinds of funky add ons like embellishments, cool novelty yarns and beads too;) Choice of colors are always an option, if you can't find it here. Watch for more of these scarves in the next few days, they're coming. If your interested please email me your order to beat the Christmas rush, at present i am at a 3 week waiting list;) Sorry about the model, but he's the only one this medium scarf would fit;) Maybe its time to start breeding smaller dogs LOL Needless to say pics of my many and very happy to comply models for the large and X-large scarves will be posted shortly;)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm so excited about Twitter!!

I've recently joined Twitter and can hardly wait to look around and see all the talented artists and crafters;) In between setting up breeding pens and sorting livestock for this years sales i'll be sure to check it all out! I am so addicted to these chunky custom blend batts that are so much a part of my life that i can't get the spinning wheel going fast enough or keep the dye pots full... LOL. I have several projects on the go and not enough of me to go around, anyone else with this problem;) I'll be listing more on our Etsy site very shortly.